Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Through Me: Adel Pics - Sascha and Magz

More pictures, courtesy of Sascha! Apparently, her ideal Tristan has already been posted up, but she has a new face for Adel:

Adeline Bradbury - Kristin Kreuk

Thanks for sending in your thoughts, Sascha! I was super excited for more pictures. :) Again, for any readers who would like to send in images for characters, please feel free to do so.

Edit: Magz also agrees with Kristin Kreuk and has shown her support by throwing in another grungified picture for Adel. :)

Since I think they should go together, I decided to team up your pictures here rather than separating them into different posts. That, and the fact I'm kinda lazy at the mo'.

But behold!

Adel à la hides in the garden, falls from a tree, wrestles with Tristan in a bush, slaughters dust in the attic?

Thanks, Magz, for your input!

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  1. yay! someone else who thinks Kristen Kreuk. Can't contain my excitement over that =D But there's also this pic which I thought epitomized Adel, sorry Sascha!