Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gmail Themes

I adore Gmail. I literally have everything saved there, i.e. story chapters, short stories, term papers, photo backups, etc. If apocalypse ever hits and for some odd reason, I am the only person left alive with the most invincible beings on earth (i.e. the cockroaches), Gmail will be right up there on my list of things to mourn. For that matter, I simply just love Google the company itself. Is there anyone in this age who doesn't visit Google at least once per day?

And thus ends my fangirl -

Wait, no! Because now they've turned out Gmail Themes! Hark, what is this glory I behold!

I was mighty irritated last night though when I had to find out from my friend that Themes were being rolled out. I was absolutely clueless and couldn't seem to be able to find the tab that my friend insisted was under settings. I thought she was lying to me since friends tend to do that, especially when you're online where you can't witness their smirks and snickering, so I went to - what else? - Google it. Turns out there were pretty themes being added to our Gmail accounts to spice things up and I was just not one of the lucky ones who got that awesome tab option last night.

They promised though that the feature would be rolled out slowly through the next few days. That still didn't stop me from wondering for hours if I had done something wrong. ("I love you, Gmail. Why do you not love me back? That so-called friend of mine doesn't even use you that often. I, on the other hand, check you religiously." *Whispers* "She doesn't deserve this.")

So within several minutes, friend's Gmail actually, for some miraculous reason, died on her and she couldn't even get the log in page up anymore so she ran and left nasty messages on my facebook (since no pretty Gmail for her!) about how I had probably sent too many whining, tearful chat messages to her and killed her account. I laughed.

Our friendship is loving in its own brutal way.

So themes will infiltrate and take over Gmails pretty soon over these next few days (while hyping it up even more and making the people who didn't get it yet feel like the losers who didn't get an invitation to the popular kids' party, I guess), but I believe it might be in order of how long your account has been around. This morning, lo and behold!, I received my pretty themes. Right now, my account's set on Tea House, which follows the time of your region and shuffles scenery around, with the sun setting into evening. (It's dusk now and a fox is sitting out in the backyard with some ducks, playing a flute, amongst peach trees.)

I also like the Ninja options - throwing stars to star your items!

Friend has hers set on Zoozimps (am I the only one who keeps typing Zoopimps instead?)

I'm easily pleased.


  1. Ahaha, I love gmail themes.
    I have the ocean one. Forgot what it was called. (:

  2. I got my google theme a couple days ago. :D Mine's currently on Planets. All the themes are quite cool!

    Being easily pleased means you're easily happy. *nod*

  3. Heyyy...I have the gmail Christmas/snow theme. I love gmail sooo much.

    It's seriously the BEST thing ever. I save docs on there all the time, too.