Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Naturally Rosy, That's All

So I had my French exam in the morning and then I had to lead a small group discussion in my epidemiology workshop later in the afternoon. Oh boy.

The room was cold so I kept my jacket on.

Except once I stood up to draw causal pathways and variables on the blackboard, I realized that I have nerves of yogurt. As in, with more than even three pairs of eyes trained on me, I start melting. Suddenly, suddenly!, I was overheated and I could literally feel the warmth radiating from my cheeks.

It's like I just downed a bottle of vodka - cue Asian glow! And the worst thing about blushing is that you know that you're turning beet red, but you can do absolutely nothing to stop it! Nothing!

(Unless someone does know a way. In that case, please share the wealth. Except I don't mean advice like "Dude, just pack ice in your pockets and whip it out." Not funny.)

Presentations, sighs. All that kept running through my head as I talked with my cheeks singeing the air was "GAH! DON'T LOOK AT MEEEE!"

Next up: Endless exams. Where's a Superhero when you need one? Gosh, I'd even take a sparkly vampire.

Edit: I was wondering for a while why the heck the Google Ads that appear on this blog keep showing ads for Lip Plumpers. Then I realized it's most likely because of my post on Chuck Bass' pout. I found that amusing.


  1. I only get embarrassed speaking in front of large groups of people I don't know. Like I need to know at least 40% of the people.

    If you do find the cure to blushing: share. You'd make millions.

    Exams. How I loathe thee. D: Good luck with your exams.

    *giggle* That Chuck Bass lip things is funny.

  2. I WISH there was a cure. To blushing AND exams.

    Sighs. Woe be me.