Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fanart - Rose-Rayne and Anonymous

So Rose-Rayne (deviantART profile linked) sent an awesome fanart of Will! Gah, one fanart gives me the giddiness of receiving like ... 76.5 character pics at once! Major whoa.

Thanks, dear Rose-Rayne!

William Carter by Rose-Rayne

Look it! He even has the kickass T-shirt he wore in Chapter 23. :)

Speaking of fanart, this reminded me of some pictures I received way back in the False Facades days and I thought these fanart deserved to be posted up as well:

Samantha Westlane - Anonymous

Vincent Grenford - Anonymous

Tristan Harland - Anonymous

Thanks for the lovely artwork, Rose-Rayne and Anonymous! You guys are amazing.


  1. That's actually pretty cool. To whoever did it, your Tristan = awesome.

  2. *blushes* ^^ I'm really glad you like it! <3 It was no problem.

    I'm working an Adel next. She's being a bit stubborn though. *lol*

    I really like that Sam, Tristan (side views are awesome) and Vincent fanart. :)

  3. so where are you when it comes to False facades? Haha sorry about the impatience but winter break just started and I was hoping to read a really good book :P